YS 301 302 303 309 71 72 79 31 32 39 Nozzle YAMAHA SMT Spare Parts

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 YS 301 302 303 309 71 72 79 31 32 39 Nozzle  YAMAHA SMT Spare Parts

Our  company produces the YAMAHA SMT machine suction nozzle is made of the Japanese original forming technology, the original factory engineer guidance, the quality with original factory level, suction mouth is made of Japanese black ceramic forming technology, the long-term use of authentication, the tongue is not prone to white, wear-resisting degree is very good, absorb process does not produce static electricity, not sticky material, vacuum value up to the level of the original factory, The normal service life is more than 24 months. The recognition rate is 100%, the appearance is consistent with the original factory, and the absorption rate reaches 99.99% in the process of absorption. 
Special-shaped suction nozzle can be customized

All kinds of LED lamp backlight side light lamp beads all kinds of key row plug nozzle customization
All the suction nozzles of the company are made of nano aviation materials, and the production process adopts The German 4.0 intelligent industry standard, which meets the ENVIRONMENTAL protection requirements of THE European Union ROSH

After strict test before leaving the factory, the service life and accuracy reach the original factory effect..